As a professional nutritionist, national public speaker and culinary educator for twenty years, Karen Raden MS, RD, LD, CCN has coached thousands of people along the path to long-term health and wellness.

Karen's unique background in clinical and naturopathic nutrition, in conjunction with the culinary arts, sets her apart in a field infiltrated with trends, fads and unhealthy "diets" that yield little results.

"My goal is to empower others to feel excited and optimistic about making nutrition, wellness and lifestyle changes in their own lives."

Karen prides herself on being a "practical" nutritionist who understands the challenges that her clients experience. She takes a "begin where you are" philosophy with everyone she works with. Each client has the opportunity to make positive changes to support their wellness goals and create balance in their body and life.

Karen brings her enthusiasm and delight for educating others to everything she does. She shares the science of nutrition in an entertaining, straightforward and non-judgmental way.


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